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Utility partners with clients to design and develop custom mobile apps, platforms and experiences.



We believe in a thorough, yet efficient, research phase in order to make sure we and our client partners have all we need to make informed product decisions.

Competitor Analysis

We take a deep look at the market landscape to understand key players, what’s driving their success, and what can be improved. We leave no stone unturned, and we identify the areas of learning that warrant a closer look.

Stakeholder Interviews

We surround-sound your team and drive kickoff meetings with key stakeholders within your organization in order to fully understand business goals and KPIs. We excel in bringing together various groups or figureheads with a common purpose to finalize the approach and strategies for the product experiences.

User Feedback & Validation

We identify and bring together various user groups to question and validate business assumptions. Getting in-depth feedback from possible users is invaluable, and we listen & learn early in the process.



We craft research-backed product strategies that help our process move through the key execution stages in an efficient manner, without the need to backtrack.

Product Planning

We work with our clients to define the business strategies around the digital product experience, focusing on monetization and user-growth potential.

Feature List Development

We bring our leading digital product experts to the table to help prioritize and define the end-to-end feature sets needed to accomplish the end goals. We are fanatical about diving into all use cases and sub-features to leave no stone unturned, with an eye towards keeping products lean and efficient.

User Flow Definition

We develop extensive user flows in order to map out the entire user experience while crafting the essential feature lists, focusing not just on the “happy path,” but on all edge cases and possible roadblocks.


Product Design

Our in-house creative and design team is passionate about aesthetics and user experience, following the latest trends but also crafting new styles to disrupt the market.

Brand Design

Our graphic design team brings top-tier creative talent to projects, making sure we craft the right look-and-feel to your brand. We take into consideration the industry competitor set, as well as target demographics and industry standards.

UX/UI Design

We bring together all learnings, feature lists and user flows into our UX Design process to create extensive, robust Wireframes (i.e. Blueprints) for the entire application, making sure all user experience nuances are taken into account. We then bring Brand Design assets into the product design process to produce the entire set of UI Design (Final Product Design) for all screens, states and visual experiences.

Design Prototype

We create a “clickable” design demo from our final product designs, allowing you to showcase your product for internal stakeholders or investors. We also use this interactive artifact to guide our engineering and buildout process.



Our in-house engineering group is made up of industry veterans who have “been there, done that,” and we leverage that deep experience to protect and support our client partners.

Backend & API Development

Our experienced engineering group sets up all server environments and systems tooling, while also producing highly custom APIs and backend logic for our bespoke projects. Scalability is at the forefront of our considerations early in a project. And while we specialize in crafting products from scratch, we're not afraid to look at best-of-breed third-party solutions too, as we believe in ultimate efficiency and cost-savings when appropriate.

Mobile App Development & Web Platforms

Our frontend engineering teams are fanatical about coding “pixel perfect” user interfaces for applications, matching our final and approved designs as closely as possible. We craft advanced iOS and Android apps, as well as modern web applications in a mobile-first approach, making sure performance is the priority in all environments.

QA Testing & Analytics

Our team makes sure Quality Assurance testing is happening throughout the project, identifying any and all issues that arise to confirm product hygiene is always a priority before launching anything into the marketplace. We also make sure Analytics are implemented in a smart way so there's measurement to learn more later on.


Launch & Growth

Building product is only the first step. Ongoing management and maintenance of the digital products we create is where the real challenge, and fun, begins.

App Store Setup & Approvals

We steer the entire App Store approval process from start to finish, guiding our clients on best practices for optimal adoption. We have a perfect track record for getting apps approved in record time, and our client partners appreciate our experience and intimate knowledge of the nuances of how the "powers-that-be" operate their digital marketplaces.

Ongoing Measurement & Prioritization

We implement all analytics before launching any product, and we use those data points to help understand what new product updates need to be prioritized in an ongoing way. We study user behaviors and interactions to make informed decisions for all areas of your application.

Agile Planning & Release Management

After launching something significant, we believe shifting to a more “Agile” approach, adhering to a more fluid process of regular, meaningful product updates and releases. This process continues in an ongoing way, and can be flanked by bigger product updates when those arise.

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