Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Utility


June 22, 2023

June 22, 2023

Utility & Equity

Prioritizing People and Amplifying Diverse Voices at Utility, we are fully dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) within our organization. This commitment not only strengthens us as a company but also enhances our partnerships with clients and deepens our engagement with the communities we serve. We firmly believe in prioritizing people and embracing their unique voices, which serves as the foundation for our decision-making processes and empowers our teams to approach their work with creativity and empathy.

To ensure a thriving and inclusive environment for all our staff members, we have embraced a company-wide commitment to DEI with the primary goal of cultivating an atmosphere, community and culture where every employee feels a sense of belonging, receives ample support, and has access to the necessary resources for personal growth and exceptional performance.

Accessibility is fundamental to every digital project we undertake and the overall well-being of our staff. Recognizing the dynamic nature of accessibility best practices, Utility leadership is dedicated to defining comprehensive accessibility standards that transcend industry norms. Through these standards, we aim to foster collaborative efforts that produce accessible products while creating equal opportunities for staff and prospective job applicants.

At Utility, our commitment to DEI goes beyond words; it is ingrained in our actions and fuels our continuous efforts to create an inclusive and empowering workplace for all.

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