Top Healthcare Mobile App Developers in NYC

Utility designs and develops award-winning medical apps and digital platforms for healthcare. Since 2013, we’ve led development for enterprise brands like Airbnb, Bleacher Report, Samsung, and high growth startup ventures like Toor, Football Genius, and more..
Founded by digital leaders from companies like Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson, Utility is built by folks that have been on the other side of the table. We treat every project as if it was our own.

Build. Launch. Grow.

Build. Launch. Grow.

Build. Launch. Grow.

Build. Launch. Grow.

Build. Launch. Grow.

Build. Launch. Grow.

Utility is the agency of choice for developing medical apps in the healthcare industry.

Experienced NYC-based Software Engineers

Our team comprises of industry leaders in healthcare apps development. With deep experience in both iOS and Android ecosystems, our engineering team comes up with pragmatic solutions to any problem.

Product design that delights

There’s a reason why Utility has become ubiquitous with pixel-perfect mobile apps -- we craft experiences that delight and retain people. We go above and beyond the level of polish that’s expected by iPhone users.

Keen eye on your business goals

By steering a collaborated effort to identify goals, solidify hypotheses and hatch creative solutions, we help develop roadmaps for success, and growth. What makes us different is that we’ve been on the other side of the table. That allows us to always focus on the business outcome to ensure our clients succeed in their venture.

Growth marketing for successful product launches

A great product goes hand-in-hand with data-driven marketing to achieve success. Our team of veteran growth marketers collaborate to execute the appropriate launch strategy, and steer ongoing product testing, updates and releases.

A digital product company proven to build elegant and engaging mobile apps for healthcare

Our key focus area is building medical products that gain traction and succeed on app stores. If you have the vision for a high-value product, we’d love to start a conversation and bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re a blue chip brand or new startup venture, Utility can design and develop an award-winning healthcare app that gets traction.

What We Do

More than a medical app development company: Utility is a partner that helps you catapult your business by designing mobile experiences that accelerate growth.


Making award-winning medical apps is an art form that Utility has perfected. iOS and Android users expect a premium visual design from apps they consistently use, making UI/UX a critical aspect of success on the app store.


We engineer clean, shippable products by utilizing modern technology frameworks and code stacks. We code custom frontend and backend solutions, and we specialize in integrating with best-of-breed platforms.


Building a premium app is just half the battle. In order to be successful with a healthcare app, you also need a team that knows how to acquire and retain users. We have a deep expertise in growing medical products with a keen eye on metrics that are critical to success.

We are Utility

Utility is an end-to-end mobile product agency, focusing on designing and engineering today’s mobile-first businesses and new ventures. Founded by digital leaders from companies like Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson, Utility is built by folks that have been on the other side of the table. We treat every project as if it was our own, from startup ventures to blue chip brands.

We’re fanatical about helping our clients stay a step ahead. Our veteran team of designers and engineers have deep experience in everything from machine learning to smart homes and blockchain to AR/VR. Our process ensures we build healthcare products that create measurable value on time and on budget.

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We’ve built healthcare mobile apps for clients of all sizes, from startup to enterprise brands. Let’s talk about your project and how we can help.

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Frequently asked questions

Where are your app developers located?

We are completely based in New York City. Our engineers are industry experts in developing medical apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms. By having all our software developers located in NYC, we can provide unparalleled quality and collaboration with our clients.

How much does it cost to build a healthcare mobile app?

While the answer isn’t simple, but it isn’t as convoluted as many developers make it seem. Many medical app developers will either build you a subpar app for a lower fee — you get what you pay for — or get you in the door at a low price only to invoice you 5x the original estimate down the road. What you rarely see is a realistic depiction of what an app costs and how that’s calculated. When you initiate a conversation with Utility and explain your ideas and goals, we walk you through what’s needed to execute and the exact costs to build a premium mobile app for iPhones.

How long does it take to build an app?

It all depends on what stage of your product roadmap you are on. Are you looking to build an MVP (minimum viable product) to show to potential investors or have a clear vision and product market fit already? All our engagements start with a crystal clear timeline based on agile development methodologies. Our clients get to see the work in progress builds every step of the way so you have full visibility of our engineering process. On average, time to build a premium quality medical app ranges between 3 to 6 months depending on your feature set and roadmap.

How can I validate my healthcare mobile app idea?

The first step to validating your idea is doing the research to fully understand the market for the problem you’re trying to solve. Then, gather feedback by speaking to people who fit your target demographic. Customer feedback is crucial to be sure you’re solving the right problem to begin with. Next step is to build an MVP product that focuses on your core value prop -- and avoiding unnecessary features that would dilute their value. Our key goal is always to help clients validate their ideas quickly and cost effectively.

iOS vs Android: Which platform should I launch my app on?

If you are in the MVP phase, we always recommend starting with a single platform to prove out your hypothesis and control costs in the process. In order to decide which specific platform to go with, analyze your target audience. It all comes down to where your core demographic is going to be. That being said, there are millions of people on both platforms -- so you should be able to prove out your hypothesis on either. Another thing to keep in mind is technological restrictions depending on the complexity of your mobile app. Our strategists help guide clients make this decision prior to getting started with design and development.