Reimagining mobility training


Despite being one of the leading daily mobility and mindfulness apps, pliability wanted to re-invest in its entire suite of digital applications in order to adapt to modern environments and to be in a position to responsibly scale to a fast-growing demand.


Utility partnered with pliability to do a full user study and product audit and to ultimately redesign and rebuild the iOS App and Web App, as well as building a new Android application to reach a more global audience. The re-launch of all three consumer applications was an immediate success, with product hygiene and reviews at all-time high.

Find targeted routines

Through a seamless personal recommendation engine, pliability users are able to easily jump into stretching and mobility routines that help keep their body and mind fit throughout the week. With intuitive video tools and cross-platform access on iOS, Android and Web, pliability is with you on the go.

Follow pre-made Paths

Everyone's needs and goals are different, so pliability makes that easy by providing guided Paths made up of routines that hit your target areas of interest and push you to completion.

Track your progress

With built-in tracking and analytics tools, personal motivation is at the forefront of pliability's platform offering, helping busy people take care of their bodies to be able to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of life.

High-tech body measurement

Ongoing Augmented Reality-based flexibility scanning tools help pliability users stay on track and see how they are doing in real-time.


The suite of pliability 2.0 apps were launched with great success, and have been welcomed by fanatical power users across the world as well. The pliability is now the gold standard in personal mobility training and tracking and continues to grow and evolve with innovative measurement and motivational features.

Platforms Launched

iOS, Android, Web

App Store Rating

4.9 stars

API Calls Per Month


Stefano Scalia, CMO


Utility re-designed and re-built three new, completely revamped platforms in under half a year, and they’ve brought pliability into a more streamlined, modern place. Could not be happier with our continued partnership with the team at Utility.

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