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Improving personal asthma monitoring


NYC Health+ Hospitals had discovered that many families were unnecessarily spending too much money on asthma-related Emergency Room visits for their children. In their research, they found that most of these visits were not needed, and were just correlated to poor health literacy. They wanted a solution that would allow families to track and monitor their children's asthma symptoms.


Utility was hired to partner with NYC H+H to craft a suite of asthma symptom tracking applications that would keep children engaged and motivated, also allowing parents and medical professionals to gain more insights into how to better treat and manage the child's symptoms.

Interactive asthma tracking at your fingertips

The "Ask Me, AsthMe!" app helps children and families increase knowledge of pediatric asthma and its management, engaging them with easy-to-use tools and features that are custom crafted by the medical professionals who have been serving these patients for dozens of years.

A personalized action plan

Asthma can be a difficult thing to keep under control, especially as a child and/or parent. That's why it's important to have a clear, reactive & actionable plan in place. The asthma action plan in Asthme updates according to your current conditions and helps keep you on track and in control.

Keeping you and your doctors in the loop

With daily reports, it's always easy to look back and see how your current action plan is working for you. This also gives doctors invaluable insights of your day to day symptoms. A truly invaluable resource when it comes to validating medications and treatments for a patient.


The new Asthma mobile product was released with much success, helping families and children improve their self-monitoring and activity around their asthma conditions. The NYC H+H organization at large has recognized this new venture as a highlight in their history of digital endeavors, and plans to continue investing to help families solve complex problems with mobile products.

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