Mount Sinai Hospital

Groundbreaking e-learning platforms for medical residents


Mount Sinai Hospital, with support from the Bezos Family Foundation, aimed to transform pediatric healthcare by investing in training healthcare providers and conducting research through the use of new, forward-thinking mobile and web applications.


Utility was chosen by Mount Sinai Hospital and the Bezos Foundation to design and develop the new e-learning digital portals for all medical residents, with more than four hours of animated learning content to help train pediatric residents onboard into the Hospital's training programs.

Organized online training and learning

Mount Sinai wanted medical professionals to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, with supplemental materials and guiding tools.

Full curriculums, three courses, hours of engaging content

Putting knowledge to the test

A stress-free testing environment focused on helping residents retain the knowledge they just learned, complete with answer explanations to facilitate understanding and true learning.

Research and learnings

Utility also built advanced, custom reporting tools for Administrators to track class and student success, making sure everything is on pace, and no one is falling behind.

Group management made simple.

Easy and simple group management makes managing classes a breeze, letting Admins get back to what's really important.


The rollout of Mount Sinai's groundbreaking platform has been turning heads in the industry, receiving accolades across the board and drawing interest from hundreds of partner institutions who want to license the software platform within their groups.

Partner institutions


Prominent Partners

Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Yale, UC Davis, Tulane

Residents onboarded


Mariel Banjamin

Director, Mount Sinai Hospital

"They were not the cheapest option, but they struck us as the most capable of handling the wide range of digital work we were going to need over time."

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