Airbnb Open

Global annual conference for 20,000+ Airbnb hosts from 100+ countries


Airbnb’s third-annual global conference, the Airbnb Open, welcomed 20,000+ hosts from 100+ countries to LA for a week of social collaboration, learning, speaker panels and specialty classes, capped off by a star-studded awards show and music. For a modern brand like Airbnb, the mobile and digital experience was a prime focus to engage users before, during and after the event, with smartly crafted applications that facilitate the best experience possible.


Utility was chosen as the lead digital partner of the Airbnb Open, designing and developing all mobile app and web platforms surrounding the event, from online registration, itinerary planning, and dynamic micro-event ticketing to various on-site engagement tools and immersive social experiences.

Peer-to-peer engagement

We designed and engineered tools to help constituents discover each other, connecting in meaningful ways through modern technology and applications. Using geolocation wristband trackers, we also created a stress-free environment that enabled attendees to roam freely, creating a richer overall experience.

A reliable, one-stop mobile app

The mobile applications were crucial to the success of the events, helping thousands of free-roaming users find their way around, manage their itineraries, get instant update alerts, track their notes, and dozens of other features right in their pocket, all while keeping performance high in unstable outdoor/indoor environments.

Dynamic scheduling, event management, and celebrity lineups

Users were able to have real-time event scheduling updates, and Airbnb was able to program and steer the entire event's information from one master central command center built custom for them, powering more than 500+ sessions with 1,000+ speakers.

Seamless and scalable signup, payments & profiles

When the gates opened, the entire global community of Airbnb die-hards were able to easily access ticketing info and purchasing flows, including discounts, group deals and early bird specials. With tens of thousands of people rushing at once, Airbnb was able to support the influx with scale and speed.


The award-winning Airbnb Open has been a smashing success year over year, with glowing reviews from the press, constituents, and Airbnb management. The digital experiences across mobile and web have been a shining spot on the event as a whole, recognized by all who attended as seamless, smooth, and truly useful.







Shannon Jones

VP, Civic Entertainment Group (Airbnb)

"The biggest difference between Utility and other shops we've worked with is their agility and dedication. We've thrown them a lot of curveballs, and they've always managed to figure out a solution."

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