Helping clubs fill inventory through bill-splitting tools


The founders of TableMe wanted to solve the problem of finding and reserving a table when you're going out at night. Have you ever wanted to reserve a table at your favorite bar or club but wished that the price was just a bit cheaper, or you could share it with friends? The data analyzed in the market points to users wanting things faster, flexible and more socially driven, so the aim of TableMe was to put the power back in the hands of the customer to be able to more efficiently reserve tables.


Utility was hired to partner with TableMe to design and develop from scratch the entire suite of mobile applications that facilitated the entire discovery and reserving process with friends and peers.

Find table partners, sync up in real-time

Utility was able to build tools that allow users to find other peers in their area, looking to attend similar bars and clubs, and who want to connect to share tables and get together.

PIck the right spot, claim your space

Users can evaluate which bar or club they want to check out in advance, and can plan their tables and shared-billing plans ahead of time.

Set up micro-events, never lose touch with your peeps

Users can set up customized parties and groups in order to find the best combinations of sharers in your local area, and users can chat in real-time in advance to plan, or change plans.


TableMe launched in Miami, New York and other cities with glowing internal reviews and interest from establishments.

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