Skate with legend Lil Wayne, join the Squad


Samsung wanted to further expand its partnership with hip hop legend Lil Wayne, using mobile gaming as the vehicle to engage millions of users as part of a new viral media property. Playing off Lil Wayne's growing interests in professional skate teams, Samsung aimed to harness the activity in parallel and speak to authentic fans.


Utility partnered with Samsung and Lil Wayne’s team to design and develop the brand new engaging mobile app game, to be played and shared by millions of fans around the world. The game was featured at the global E3 Conference, where it was showcased alongside a wide variety of Samsung’s new VR and gaming technologies.

Build up your brand, super-charge your game

The more users play, the more powerful they become, taking on the skate world and taking it to the streets in Lil Wayne's world of high-flying vehicles and dollar signs.

Collect loot, get bling, acquire custom tricks

Users across iOS and Android play for bragging rights, skating as various characters in Lil Wayne's squad, all while inviting and playing against friends to see who's boss.

Redeem your winnings, risk it all

Users were able to participate in an embedded mini-game to spin for a chance at more gear, enhanced player actions, and a boatload of branded stuff.

Unlock the crew, rack up badges, share with your crew

Unlocking each character gives users the ability to try out new tricks, use new powered-up vehicles, and get closer to unlocking Lil Wayne himself! Social sharing allows users to invite their friends into the game to compete for bragging rights.


The new mobile game drove millions of installs, tens of millions of engagements, and a whole lot of revenue. The coordinated launch approach with the Samsung and Lil Wayne teams was a global success, with a flooding of press aiding the organic growth.

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Lil Wayne

Partner, Squad Up

"Once the idea was conceived, the product was built real quick. And then it was on from there. Wait 'till you see Part II and Part III."

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