Renting cars has never been easier


Research shows people aren't satisfied with the car-rental experience. Carsy was founded to hatch a new concept that revolutionalizes the car rental experience, putting the power and controls back in the hands of the consumer, while at the same time adding some luxury and modern tech back into the entire experience.


Utility was hired to partner with Carsy, a funded venture looking to partner with an end-to-end, full-service mobile app agency to build the entire infrastructure of their product and release it to the market.

Easy pickups and dropoffs

No more long lines, complicated documents, hidden fees and rows of undesirable cars. Picking up and dropping off your Carsy car is as easy as setting the destination.

An experience meant to be shared

Sharing the trip and splitting the cost is something people expect, and why shouldn't they. Simply add your friends to your booking and you're set. Give them driving permissions or have them chip in on the fees, it's all under you're control.

Forgot to lock the car? No problem.

Need something from the car but your friend has the keys? Open the Carsy app, flip a switch and you're in. Users can also track the car's location, honk the horn and see the status of your rental, all from your mobile app device.


Carsy is set to launch in 2019, so stay tuned! Early access has started and pre-bookings have kicked off:

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