Providing students, faculty, and employees 24/7 digital mental health support


In a world where pressures are increasing and remote access to mental health support is too scarce, Counslr aimed to solve this equation by building a HIPAA compliant digital application that allows students, faculty, and employees to directly and securely access mental health professionals in real-time.


Utility partnered with Counslr to conceive, design, and build out the entire technology infrastructure from the ground up, to facilitate the needs of not only the student/faculty/employee's journey, but also the licensed counselors.

HIPAA Compliant Mental Health Support

Users can book appointments, or connect on-demand, with state-licensed mental health professionals who provide support to help students, faculty, and employees navigate any issues that they are going through.

Counselor Portal

Counselors are able to manage simultaneous communication threads with multiple individuals at one time in a neatly organized, secure portal.


Counslr has turned heads in the academic and corporate sectors, with dozens of organizations taking interest in full paid platform licenses, which allow hundreds of thousands of individuals to access free, state-approved mental health professionals. The reception has been unanimously positive.

Schools in Discussion


Platforms Built

iOS, Android, Web

App Rating

4.6 stars

Roy Reichbach, CEO


Utility has been the perfect technical partner for Counslr. Their highly skilled team and experience building HIPAA-compliant solutions gave us the confidence to entrust them with designing and building our platform. What started as a one-time engagement has blossomed into a long-term working relationship which has enabled us to focus on building the business while Utility expertly manages our technical operations. They also happen to be great people, too! If you have the opportunity to work with Utility, go for it — you won’t be disappointed.

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