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Backed by Silicon Valley's top education-tech VC's, Kickwheel's aim is to help colleges solve the growing interest to increase conversion rates on accepted students, instantly making them feel welcomed, and connected to the school's social welcoming process in a more modern, digital format, with the added longevity of continuing the social experience through enrollment and the student's entire trajectory within that school..


Utility was selected to design and develop the entire Kickwheel system, intended to be today’s leading college social network, allowing prospective, incoming and current students to communicate in a safe and efficient way. Complete with mobile applications built on iOS and Android, Kickwheel also incorporates a complex backend system and administrator dashboard portals for schools to manage everything themselves in a true SaaS ecosystem.

Settle the nerves, get Q's answered in real-time

Kickwheel is a network for prospective college students, built to help you make informed decisions possible. Get the answers you couldn't get anywhere else. Lean on existing students for the inside scoop, or talk to other prospective students and get their thoughts.

Find others like you, start chatting or join groups

Whether you want to chat one-on-one with that student to see what life on campus is really like, or even talk to your potential roommates all at once, Kickwheel facilitates it all.

Get to know your class, let them meet you

Kickwheel allows users to utilize a custom directory sytem of prospective students, current students, and staff members. There's no better way to get to know your class and school than to talk to them in real-time.

All your targeted schools, organized in one place

Making the big decision isn't easy, and keeping conversations from multiple schools organized is even harder. Kickwheel lets you add all of your prospective schools, and keeps all of your information nicely organized so that you don't have to. Kickwheel is the go-to college decision-making tool.


Kickwheel was adopted instantly by various schools, and received positive feedback from users and administrators alike.

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iOS, Android, Web

Notable school partners

Colgate College, Claremont McKenna College, Concordia College, St. Thomas Aquinas College, Beloit College

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