Innovating a global media brand through streaming


Forbes, a 100-year-old content and publishing leader, was looking to bring its robust video content offering to a wider global community. At the same time, Forbes was making a major investment in entrepreneurship content for all regions of the world, inclouding a major kickoff effort in Africa to support its burgeoning startup and business growth in recent years.


Utility partnered with Forbes to design and develop a full video ecosystem from scratch, that would house all video content, streaming events, and daily video TV lineups in order to reach the global audience at scale.

Always something to watch

Experiencing all that Forbes has to offer is now fully accessible with paid monthly and annual subscriptions. Whether its featured video content on-demand, daily programming lineups, or live interactive streaming events, there is now something for everyone within the Forbes video world and users can tune in from the convenience of their homes, or on the road.

Live streaming global events

If you can't make it to Forbes' events throughout year, you can now grab a one-off online ticket to watch at home where you can pause, take notes, follow along and interact with hosts.

Anywhere, anytime

Easy access to content was the goal of the Forbes investment into large amounts of content specifically targeted at entrepreneurs globally. Users from any region around the world can now experience Forbes high quality content on the mobile devices (iOS and Android phone and tablets) or on their desktops or laptops' web browsers.


Forbes was able to launch on time, globally, and without interruption to millions of users across the globe.

Countries reached

100s of countries

Video content viewed

Millions of views

Devices launched

iOS, Android, Web

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