Now memory making can be collaborative


StringFlix, the brainchild of a veteran NBC video producer, wanted to unite people through video, but believed you shouldn't need to spend hours collecting files, and weeks of editing, or loads of money, to create meaningful video mementos. The revelation was to create a new paradigm for making connected memories in a more seamless, automated way, so users could sit back, relax and enjoy the show with less effort, and more engagement.


Utility was hired to conceive, design and engineer StringFlix, a social video platform to collaborate, create and discover content, to truly unite people through video. With automated algorithmic tools for auto-connected videos in a "string," users can create events allowing their communities and peers contribute to the end result, making memories an ongoing, connected experience.

Discover Strings and create together

StringFlix is the social video platform that helps you create together. Build private Strings of a party or event, or discover a public string of an event to see it from every angle.

Build your community and follow others

Invite your friends and family, discover other creators, and experience the collaborative video app that lets everyone add their perspective.

Don’t forget to clap

StringFlix is a platform built on collaboration and appreciation. Saw a cool string? Show your appreciation by giving them a round of applause.


StringFlix launched and received accolades from users, and from media, and the progress continues. With a completely new product entering the video-sharing space, the future of StringFlix is endless.

memories created


hours of connected moments


platforms available

iOS, Android soon

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