Football Genius

Watch NFL games. Predict Plays. Win Money.


A group of leading sports data scientists and former NFL greats wanted to bring a play-by-play prediction concept to the mass market, utilizing years of predictive analysis and loads of smart data to facilitate a new way of engaging sports fans in their game-watching experience, and win some dough, too.


Utility was hired by the Football Genius group to design and engineer the entire mobile product, from a complex real-time backend engine, to the modern mobile app experiences.

Win cash. Every game, every week.

Be the Genius.

With opportunities to win with every drive, quarter and game, users can compete at any time to win big bucks.

Compete with Friends. Make the right call.


Football Genius has been wildly successful, engaging users for hours at a time and blowing past all assumptions about what users would do. More NFL and former NFL advisors and investors continue to join the FG team, and users continue to be heavily active in bringing their communities to the product.

capital raised


NFL Advisors

Brett Favre, Bill Parcels, Sean Payton, Juju Smith-Schuster

user sessions

60+ mins per user

Casey Huke

CEO, Football Genius

"Utility works with several moving components at a rapid pace. The four-month build was incredibly rapid for a product as complex as ours. We continue to be impressed with their engineering capabilities and ability to hit deadlines."

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