Mobile game for record-breaking live event on FOX


For the global relaunch of the Stride Gum brand, Stride planned to deliver the most thrilling 2.5 minutes of live content of the year, when Luke Aikins was to become the first person to jump 25,000 feet from an airplane with no parachute in an event known as “Heaven Sent” exclusively on FOX.


Utility was hired by Stride Gum (and parent company Mondelēz International) to design and develop a mobile app game to complement the Heaven Sent event, allowing millions of users to simulate the experience in a gamified, social way.

Customizable experience, built for all to play

Utility designed and developed the entire iOS and Android mobile apps from start to finish, focusing on high-impact engagement, sticky user retention and powerful monetization strategies.

Stay alive, beat your friends

Users need to navigate the world above and find their way to safe landing while avoiding obstacles and anything else in the way. Users can purchase more lives, and grab new characters on their way up to unlocking Luke Aikins himself.

Brag to your crew, share with the workd

Users helped the game go viral by sharing and bringing friends into the ecosystem, fighting on the leaderboards for top prize!


The Heaven Sent event was watched by many millions of fans, and the mobile app game supplemented the entire experience, before, during and after the event, with extended gameplay and peer action living independently as a standalone media and brand property.

engaged fans

10+ million

mobile app engagements

1+ million

campaign partners

DJ Khaled, FOX

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