Jenny Craig

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Jenny Craig’s weight loss program, which includes portioned food, a personal coach, and tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, has been successful for almost 40 years. However, the users' journey throughout the program was disjointed and in need of a refresh. Some of the user touch points were still happening on paper. This was a missed opportunity to collect valuable user data that could provide actionable insights for product-led growth.


Utility partnered with Jenny Craig to design an end-to-end digital experience on a native mobile app where users can fully customize their weekly menu, order meals, and keep track of their overall dieting progress. The digitization of these services would provide Jenny Craig with valuable user insights that can not only improve the overall user experience, but also help drive informed business decisions based on data.

Intuitive menu builders

After users complete surveys, they are given smart recommendations, and the menu is customized based on user preferences and nutrition goals. Users can make payments, select and save delivery methods, view their weekly menu plans, and make edits and rate each meal.

Tracking and progress

Make your profile as unique as the real you by answering questions and posting pictures that describe what makes you, you.

Activity planning made easy

Users are able to easily track activity, plan activity, edit their activity, and add any activity at any time


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