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Reconstruction, founded by the former chancellor of the D.C. school system and a leading Harvard professor, sought to create a robust digital ecosystem where Black students can connect with Black students in a more authentic, culturally relevant way, and to help provide intimate, supplemental remote educational tools. Traditional education struggles to discuss Black contributions in an accurate, identity-affirming way. Reconstruction aims to tell the real story.


After a significant seed round of fundraising from prominent tech investors, Utility was chosen to lead the design and development of the entire Reconstruction platform, which serves subscription-based live streaming classes, broken down by categories and topics, with full instructor tools and robust administrator capabilities.

Built for All Ages of Learners

Reconstruction has tailored sets of courses and curriculum that speak to various age groups, with hand-selected instructors and course material that is constructed by leading educational pro’s.

Bespoke Courses, Flexible Times

Families and students can choose from a wide array of course topics, with many time slots available to suit their needs, before school, after school, or on weekends.

Personal Itinerary Management

Parents can easily manage multiple kids’ schedules based on what they’ve chosen together as the right course tracks and calendars.


Reconstruction’s groundbreaking success in the first year has helped them secure a large Series A fundraising round, and build out a full in-house digital product team that Utility helped procure over the past half-year.

Students Served


Partner Schools


Instructors Onboarded


Roland Fryer, CEO


"I’ve worked with a number of digital tech agencies in my career, and rarely can someone deliver with such precision as Utility did for Reconstruction. They worked hard to ensure our launches and ongoing platform growth were successful, and they managed and maintained our digital ecosystem for more than a year with great success."

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