A modern twist on mobile dating


Kismet, meaning "destiny or fate," was the brainchild of a funded startup venture looking to solve the matchmaking conundrum in today's society. For friendship, companionship or love, all too often dating apps miss the mark with visual-based decision making, so Kismet aimed to solve the problem of true matchmaking to find one's perfect fit.


Utility was brought on to hatch the Kismet mobile application and corporate brand from scratch, conceiving of complex algorithmic solutions to make sure users are finding the right matches in life.

Make real connections

By answering simple daily questions, Kismet helps you make deep connections as the system gets smarter and smarter. Utility crafted a custom matching algorithm based on real human data, so Kismet’s database and logic have been used to carefully curate, leading to more meaningful matches.

Profiles as unique as the real You

Users can make profiles as customized and unique as desired, answering questions and posting pictures that describe what makes you, you.

Start connecting, never lose touch

Users can streamline the process by a custom, proprietary matching process for consensual communication, allowing users to then chat in a real-time way through the application.


Kismet launched in the App Store and provides a seamless experience to find matches, make connections, and continue a conversation that opens up endless possibilities.

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