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Areena was founded by executives from the largest law firms in the world to solve personal and corporate philanthropy in a way that's never been done: hyperlocal, real-time and interests-based, all at your fingertips even when you're on the go. Consumers spend most of their day staring at their phones, so finding a solution to the "under-giving" problem in society should be solved more of the time with the device that's already in our pockets.


Utility was commissioned to design, architect and build out the entire Areena mobile product, which was to serve as a repository of all personal or corporate giving opportunities nearby and of interest, in real-time, allowing communities of people to participate in charitable or volunteer situations right around the corner that they didn't even know existed. Corporate partners are also able to more easily start events for their employees to serve local endeavors together in a more socially conscious way.

Focus on the things that matter to you

Charity work is a very personal activity that many hold very close to their heart, so it was essential to tailor and personalize content feeds to every user's particular interests, while still allowing for natural, organic discovery along the way.

Stay looped in for events within your community

Users get personalized notifications that match up to their preferences for events and other opportunities that are nearby, and are in need.

Easily discover opportunities, take action instantly

Users are given the tools and information to easily understand the needs available, and how they can help, from volunteering to donating.

Activate your community, post your own events

As an organization, it's never been easier to activate your community. Posting an event on Areena creates a highly effective and targeted entry point to create awareness and engagement.

Discover organizations, explore their impact

Whether you're interested in helping small local organizations or a global charity, they're now a lot easier to find. But it doesn't stop there; see what they're up to, join an event and invite your own community.


Areena is now housing many thousands of philanthropic opportunities, and enables users to get out and do something, anywhere, anytime.

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