Self-serve real estate bookings and lockboxes


Featured on Shark Tank and garnering investment from Barbara Corcoran and others, TOOR aimed to develop a smarter and safer way to discover and access real estate properties, not only helping to connect eager consumers looking in real-time, but also for brokers to more easily and independently administer the process from the ease of their phones, connecting to TOOR's proprietary Smart Lockboxes.


Utility was selected as TOOR's design and technology arm, hired to build the entire TOOR platform from start to finish. Utility's charge was to steer all mobile app design and technology for TOOR, including highly complex Bluetooth-enabled Smart Lockbox integration based on cutting-edge software for a never-seen-before approach to residence access.

Manage all your SmartLockboxes from anywhere

As a realtor, traveling from location to location for a quick showing is inconvenient. With TOOR, those days are over. Manage all of your digital Lockboxes from the connected mobile apps, in iOS and Android, all from the comfort of wherever.

Hassle-free scheduling, booking and chat

Users can eliminate the back-and-forth logistical process that's been cumbersome for so many years, using the mobile applications to connect directly with the house owner, broker, or Airbnb host to discuss showings and other information in real-time.

List properties, get discovered instantly

Users can access dynamic mapping to locate a TOOR-enabled property at any time, anywhere, and brokers can point potential buyers to their own profiles, and watch the appointments come in.


TOOR was an instant success, pre-selling thousands of units online before the product was even ready for mass consumption. Users and brokers alike are using the new product in a way that's changing the landscape of real estate discovery and independent brokering.

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Junior Desinor

CEO & Founder, TOOR

"Utility is dedicated to building products correctly and thoroughly the first time, which we appreciate. Their technology allowed us to launch the business and gain capital and prospective customers right away."

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