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Telemedicine for pro and college medical teams


The heads of the University of Miami's sports medicine group came together to recognize and fix the broken process of patient care within college and pro sports. In a world where HIPAA compliance and real-time medial attention have to co-exist, SirenMD was created as a new venture aiming to solve the problems all team trainers and doctors face on and off the field.


Utility was hired to serve as the technology partner for the SirenMD funded venture, leading the design and engineering of the suite of mobile applications and web platforms for the core business, and helping pave the way for the many dozens of professional and collegiate sports partnerships SirenMD has secured.

Real-time patient management for athletes

For doctors, trainers and management of sports organizations, the patient's wellbeing comes first. SirenMD allows medical professionals to oversee and take action on behalf of the athletes in real-time, creating new cases, tracking progress, adding sensitive materials and media, and pulling the specialists needed for each case.

Treatment on and off the field

Trainers and other medical sports staff require a HIPAA-compliant, secure environment no matter where they are, either on the field, sidelines or back at their desk.

Real-time updates and alerts on the go

With the ability to invite specialist doctors from internal or external practices, as well as organizational management when necessary, medical providers can manage everything while moving around and never miss a beat.

Smart, secure file transmission and integrations

No more texting, emailing or screenshots that risk privacy and create cumbersome threads between professionals. Transfer x-rays and other medical file formats, as well as important images and videos to support cases.


SirenMD has been a glowing success, partnering with more than 50+ pro and college partner teams and organizations in need of better and more digital medical tools. Recognized by industry peers as a forward-thinking pioneer, SirenMD continues to raise capital in a frothy med-tech space, especially being a B2B SaaS venture.

Partner programs


capital raised


platforms served

iOS, Android, Web

Dr. Lee Kaplan

CEO, SirenMD / Head of University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute

"We’ve been working with Utility for a long time, and we’ve had a positive experience throughout. We have continued the work, both in terms of product maintenance, and adding new features."

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