Digitizing the diamond authentication process


GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the leader in gemological research, education, and science-based gem identification and grading services, wanted to invest in a new digital hub for diamond reports and knowledge. Along with the educational content, GIA needed to build out a mobile app to meet the demand for its newly-transformed digital reports and a innovative inscription-matching service.


Utility was brought in by GIA to design and build the native iOS & Android apps for both phones and tablets, which give GIA users a modern, comprehensive tool to discover more about diamond resources. By 2025 all GIA reports will be digital, and the GIA app is the start of that digital transformation to search and compare reports at your fingers. When paired with a GIA Match iDTM instrument, the GIA App allows you to verify whether your diamond comes with an authorized GIA diamond report by using artificial intelligence to read the microscopic inscription.

Interactive tools

The GIA App contains a wealth of diamond resources, including 4Cs interactive tools, expert videos, and curated blog articles.

Search and compare

Search for digital reports and compare the characteristics to learn more about the diamonds you're most interested in.

Next gen GIA reports

Connect to an IoT device to verify the authenticity of your diamond using artificial intelligence.


Utility built native iOS & Android apps, also available for tablet and iPad, that give GIA users a modern, comprehensive tool to discover more about diamond resources.

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