Launching new digital brand for leader in arts


The mission was to launch a revamped online education platform (, by the 92nd Street Y) to coincide with the 50-year anniversary of The 92nd Street Y. The goal was to take the learnings from the existing 92NY audience’s preferences for live events and online courses and craft a rebranded and scalable digital solution.


Utility partnered with the 92nd Street Y to build a brand new platform for, by the 92nd Street Y, which serves a-la-carte and subscription-based live-streaming classes, discoverable by filtering topics, educators, or searching for specifics. Utility also designed and built a mobile companion app to make the platform more reachable to users (iOS and Android).

Deep video libaries

Diverse range of content, all by recognized educators. A curated, and targeted collection of courses that spans a wide range of subjects, from interactive arts to ancient history. Easy to find them by a unique color-coded and image-coded system.

Something for everyone

Subscribe or pay as you go. The platform is tailored for anybody interested in learning more about an interesting subject, from those looking to dabble or seriously engage.

Easy to use tools

Easy to manage courses. From both the administrative end to the users/learners, lots of tools to make it easy: email reminders, account portal, and course material listed in the account. Admins have access to a foolproof system to upload content.


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